You wanted to know more about me, here’s a snip-it

I’m sitting here listening to some of my old C.D’s from high school. I have some pretty broody stuff. I used to sit up in my room for HOURS listening to this music and writing poetry.
This was all during the time in my life when I thought I was going to marry my first love, but at the same time I couldn’t resign my destiny to the torturous relationship that I couldn’t get enough of. This was during a time in my life when the size of my jeans was the only thing I could control, and I controlled it well. I wrote this July of 99, I survived my freshman year and was about to embark on one of the worst years of my high school career, and the last of which I spent in traditional school.
Anorexia Nervosa
The slim emptiness
radiant without
surprise, leaps
out of the morbid
corpse of death
Her body
to skeletal
proportions is
the ora around
her angelic figure which
wildly screams
She sleekly disappears
to the nowhere
sky behind
silently slips into
silk skin and
beams through
the wood boards
of her diagnosed cage
She is no individual
of the human
form molded out of flesh
It is anorexia.
Granted, 6 years does alot for the state of mind, but the music remembers the emotions. It’s nice to know I’m not “there” anymore, but in an odd way, I like how this music makes me feel. Like me.

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