Give me the wood burning stove already, I have porage to make

On our trip to Traverse City, our digital camera broke, but no big deal – we have a warranty that will cover whatever it is. We’ve already had to get it fixed twice. So I go into Best Buy this morning with the camera and explain to them what happened, the LCD screen must have cracked and is blank when the camera is on.
We can still use the view finder and take photos, but this is not as fun as having the screen to look at. Well, Best Buy warranties don’t cover actual damage done to the body of the camera, only the inner workings of them.
It would cost atleast $200, off the top of geek squad boys head, to fix it.
This added to the recent quote of over $800 for Aaron’s car to be fixed, what with all the timing chains, coolant water somethings and other gadgets that aren’t working, er um, broken.
I hate technology.
I’m not laughing.

One thought on “Give me the wood burning stove already, I have porage to make

  1. You’re supposed to replace the belt/chain things before they break! Isn’t that the second car that’s happened to?

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