The moments we cherish

We’ve got attitude. When Jessica was born I announced her arrival by announcing we had a squeaker. Now that Jessica is becoming her own person, realizing that she can do what her legs tell her to, we now have attitude. For breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Jessica is an all around joy to have, but there are moments when she’s thrashing her head backwards and kicking and screaming and snot is spilling from her nose and saliva is leaking from her jaw as she cries and screams and convulses in anything but healthy communication that I think to myself “Man, it must be nice to have an hour to yourself once in a while. To go to the bathroom alone, to eat dinner while it’s still warm. To enjoy a book with a title that doesn’t rhyme. It must be nice to go out after 7:30 pm without planning it.”
But alas, those are just moments.

2 thoughts on “The moments we cherish

  1. You know, my wife and I are expecting a child in March. As it will be our first, we are looking for any sign that adding a third person to the household won’t change things all that much. I must say that your comments are quite unsettling. Thanks a lot for the calming reassurance that all will be well.

  2. Haha! Well, you’re most welcome. People will say to you things like “Just wait, you’re in for a lifestyle change” or “You have no idea … ” and they’re really just trying to give you a piece of their story and warn you from hasty decisions or flighty thought patterns. What they don’t tell you, in the most sincere way possible, is that although it’s harsh to hear you’re life will never be the same, it’s true. And to some people that’s the devastating part about being a parent. But for us, although I like to write the comedic happenings and antidotes, thats the reason we have Jessica – the change to our life when she was born wasn’t only material or 3-dimensional, it was spiritual, physical and parental – something that has brought us together in a way nothing else could have. For me, it was fulfilling my life long dream of being a mother and making life with my partner – it was remembering that although changes come fast and hard – life is too short to be caught up in the Friday night happenings of yesteryear. So, yes, there are moments when it would be nice to remember a more selfish time in my life – but none of those moments amount to much when I see Jessica smile at me or call me MaMa or want to be held, when I see her walking and thriving. No fear, DLolli – radical as having kids might be it’s breathtaking.

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