1/4 life crisis, here we come

When Jessica was born I actually never thought about her being anything other than a baby. I would have day dreams about sleep overs and kindergarten feild trips, of course. But it never registered to me that in less than the time it takes to clear your credit, my baby would be walking, talking, and feeding itself.
She gets closer every day to immitating us say “Mom”, “Dad”, “Hi”, “Bye”, “Down”, “More” and so on. I can actually decipher her grunts into needs and wants, I know what she means when she has 3 or 4 short grunts in a row and she’s looking up at us – that means she wants her sippy cup.
Why haven’t I realized that she’s going to get over the being small enough to hold? I told Aaron about a week ago that I might be having a nervous breakdown in the near future – I think we’re there.
Insert blubbering mommy.

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