Clappy clappy clappy

This morning as Jessica was feeding herself banana, sitting in her “big girl chair” and not needing me for any of it – she started clapping. On her own.
We’ve been playing patty-cake for about 3 months now and every once in a while, after we get her started, would she ever clap on her own. But this morning, being the grown up that she is, she started clapping by herself.
It was awesome.
We then rejoiced in a breakout chorus of patty-cake and giggles. Not only that, but the jumbo snow flakes were falling outside our big picture window in the kitchen which is framed by fog, and the ground is a fluffy pattern of white. The romantic in me loves this stuff.

One thought on “Clappy clappy clappy

  1. your baby girl is growing up so fast! it just starting snowing here too and even though i’m at work it still is beautiful! will you guys be around for the holidays?? i plan to be home the week between christmas and new years…..hopefully we can get together!

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