Martha will you decorate my cell, too?

I just made one of the boldest moves in my career.
I just cut the top half off of every pacifier. We have 3 of them. All of which are infant size. I refused to buy “up” as she got older. That, to me, was perpetuating the habit. And her first birthday is slowly creeping up on me and she still sucks on the darn pacifier.
I thought by 6 months we could be done with them, then 9 and now I’m wondering if ever I’m going to be able to successfully stop the crutch. And I have to admit it’s more my crutch than it is Jessica’s. I like to have one with me when we’re out and about because she might start screaming, and then what would I do?
Grin and bear it.
So hopefully she’ll be repulsed by the new sensation in her mouth and refuse to take them. That would be ideal. And since almost nothing we do is ideal in parenting – I’m going to hope I don’t crawl into a hole and scream for hours on end when she won’t stop crying and go to sleep already.

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