Chicken scratch #1

Putting Jessica to bed without the pacifier last night went great. She wined a little, but no screaming or loss of sleep. Then 2 am came around. Apparently she woke up and went looking for her pacifier in her crib and, surprise, it wasn’t there.
Ensue the screaming, loss of sleep and bitter hatred for us as parents. I did give her one of the cut-up ones and she threw even more of a fit. Then I made her a bottle which she liked, but when it was done – she still wanted something to suck on. So we just put her down and let her cry for about 3 minutes until she fell fast asleep on her own.
Half through this half sleep marathon to keep Jessica happy and put back to sleep Aaron says to me;
“You cut her pacifiers too soon, I don’t care if she sucks them until she’s 8.”

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