7dots preliminary launch

Everyone should sign up for 7dots – a way to manage your passwords and other important information on the internet. It’s like a safe-deposit box for the web.
I don’t know about you but I personally have over 20 passwords and seperate signons for different websites I use regularily. Such as Ebay, Amazon, Movabletype, Paypal, Personal banking, Credit Card, etc, etc. I used to have a piece of paper with everything written down but then I lost it in a paper shuffle and now have to try to manage each and every password and login seperately, in it’s own folder in my outlook express. Not only is this messy and inconnvinient, I’m constantly referencing certain folders for the passwords to sites I need to access.
I’m exatic about 7dots and willing to wait 2 more months for something to make my online life more managable. Not only will I not have to be on my principal computer to access my personal information for site access anymore but I’ll have the ease and peace of mind knowing it’s all in one place, one simple and easly to get to place.

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