Chicago, for fun

While Aaron and some other local geeks went to the Rubies on Rails conference in Lincoln Park, Illinoise yesterday I was hanging out in Chicago with a friend – one of the local geeks wives.
Jessica stayed home with Grandma while I had an entire day ALONE. Bliss. Sweet and utter peaceful bliss. I had absolutely no agenda and did exactly whatever I wanted to. I was in 4 different coffee shops, ate some awesome food at Dave and Busters, saw some amazing art and some not so inspiring art at a few galleries, went window shopping on Michigan Ave and even spent some time in a store called Paper Source. Which, in my opinion, should be called Heaven.
I have a slight infatucation with paper and all the products that go along with that. I used to collect it; paper.
Needless to say I had a great time. We were thinking of possibly going to a museum or IKEA but I’m happy we just did some browsing and laid back shopping. It was very relaxing.

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