11 months

To my sweet, sweet baby girl …
As we aproach your 11 month mile-stone I am speechless at your constant accomplishments. I’m wrapped in emotions of love and happiness. You’ve recently become a very socially aware little girl. You love other kids and you LOVE your daddy and mama.
You’ve started imitating us on a daily basis. Today you called me Mama and meant it, you also said “All done!” right along with me and then chanted it for a few seconds – “All done! All done! All done!”
I never could have dreamed the feelings you invoke within me. It’s like I was given new breath when you were born. To live and live well. To have no regrets, take chances. I do have to say it’s not BECAUSE of who you are or are not – nor is it your responsibilty to keep me happy. It’s more that SINCE becoming a mom, YOUR mom, I feel like God and all my angels have hugged me tighter.
I love how you walk up to me and raise your arms for a hug or you want to be held. You’ve been very independent since you could roll over – not really wanting to be cuddeled or held but lately you’ve really taken to being in our arms – just because.
The other day you were playing with a swing we have in our living room that you used to swing use and all of a sudden you went to your room, I thought you were bored with the swing and wanted to play with something else, but you came walking back to the swing with your baby in tow – and all by yourself you put her in the swing and started swinging her. No one explained that to you, that your doll was like a baby and it could swing in it too, to play pretend. You did it all by yourself. I was amazed.
To witness learning and thought patterns – to watch imagination take form on a daily basis – I am so blessed. Jessica, my sweet baby girl, you really are a breath of Heaven.

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