Making a list, checking it twice …

The past few days I’ve been like a madwoman getting my house clean. I have even conquered the small home improvement projects on our to do list. Like sealing and re-painting a wall in the living room, painting the cabinets in the basement bathroom, putting up curtains … you know the little things that don’t matter alot when you have an 11 month old following you all over.
Well for some reason I had a bug in my shorts and I just got it all done when she was napping or sleeping. I even found a new dining room table and a bench/low table for our bedroom at Bible for Mexico yesterday. The beautiful thing about it is – I bought them on the cheap, very cheap – and they’re antiques.
The dining room table is gorgeous – all oak. Round table on a pedestal leg with 2 leaves. It has intricate designs throughout and there is even some really cool metal shaped around the feet. I’ll take photos when we get our camera back (update on camera: brought it back to Best Buy – one of the other Geek Squad members helped us and they said it would be covered by the warranty – so almost 2 months later we’re finally getting our camera fixed, should have it back after the 1st of the new year).
There are 2 larger home improvement projects that need to get done yet. Our bathroom will be completely gutted save for the tub and sink – and our mudroom/side entry will get new windows and doors, flooring and a partition wall 3/4 the height of the existing walls. All of this is quoted and ready to go however we can’t afford it right now, so it’ll be a few months yet.
But getting all these little things done makes me want to be done with all of it. Ah, the virtue of patience.
Something I hope dearly my daughter will get the hang of. She’s a strong little sucker and changing a diaper or getting her dressed is like wrestling Uncle George on Thanksgiving. You know the one; he sits in “the chair” and watches the game while his potbelly steadily increases from the mere smell of food in the kitchen. Yes, I’m comparing my child to the likes of a feisty overweight older man. She’s that strong … willed.
And I have absolutely no idea where she gets it.

One thought on “Making a list, checking it twice …

  1. so if you need help getting those tiles down in the bathroom you know who to call! we won’t even leave messages for you this time, we’ll just take it down!

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