More amazing tales

Jessica has been playing in almost every room this morning and I’m just getting some busy work done along with following her and playing with her, too.
Just now I was sitting at the kitchen table looking up some recipes and Jessica saunters down the hall to our bedroom – which she’s allowed to play in, there are just a few things she can’t touch. It got really quiet so I went to check on her and she’s grabbing at some photos she’s not allowed to touch. I tell her no and wait for her to retract her hand.
Not only does she retract her hand, she comes to the door – acting like she’s going to come out of the room and play somewhere else, but instead – she does a faky and turns to shut the door, ON ME! As she’s doing this, she’s eyeing the no-touch photos and then looking back at me through a sliver of open door. As if to say “Ha, if you can’t see me, then of course I’m allowed to touch whatever I want. Na na nana boo boo.”

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