New traditions, our traditions.

In less than 12 hours we leave for Virginia to visit some friends over the holiday. For the past two days I’ve been busy with getting my house ready and packing myself and Jessica up for a week that it’s needless to say I was more stressed out about this vacation and the preperation than I was excited about it.
Until now.
I cannot wait to get on that plane and leave all my responsibilities behind for a whole week. No menu to plan, no floors to mop daily, no bathroom to clean, no laundry. Wait – NO LAUNDRY!!!!! Mwahahahahaha.
I get to read dirty magazines (celeb rags) and crochet and cook and bake and shop and sight see and take photos and do whatever the hee-hoo I want for SEVEN DAYS.
And the best part is I get my husband all to myself for the entire time. No work (although he is taking the beloved ibook along), hardly any cell phone use and best of all – continuous, around the clock help with Jessica. If I had a constipation problem like my favorite blogher dooce I would probably even poop, I’m that excited.

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