To my sunshine

So Jessica is almost 1. Today I was filling out some things in her baby book and looking back and the things I had written and I was amazed that I was practically done with the book. So many things have happened in no time at all. I’ve loved becoming a mom and being Jessica’s mom.
I don’t even remember the pain of childbirth anymore. Well I haven’t remembered that for a while, but I’ve finally forgotten about the sleep deprived nights and the round the clock breastfeeding. Although, in retrospect … none of that was horrible.
You know I never thought I was going to be the mom who was so sentimental about everything. Who didn’t want to talk or think about her baby getting older. But I didn’t really know what kind of mom I thought I was going to be either, just knew that being one is what I was made for.
So to my dearest sweetest prettiest and most precious breath of heaven, Jessica Ranae … I absolutely adore you, love you to pieces, and cannot wait for the year ahead. You, my sunshine, are a very special little girl.

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