Do YOU want to go nigh-nigh?

I couldn’t really tell you if this is normal and since I don’t know – I’m going to go with that it’s not and continue thinking I gave birth to a genius. Yea, yea a genius.
Just now as Jessica is playing and being adorable I notice it’s about naptime but also that she’s not showing signs of being tired. So I ask her, thinking to myself – “Real good, Jod, ask the baby whether or not she wants to go to sleep. Like she can respond to that one … ” (I actually have alot of this kind of dialogue with myself throughout the day … it’s what keeps me SANE most of the time. No, I’m not kidding.)
So I ask Jessica “You want to go nigh-nigh??” And she looks at me, smiles and puts her head on my shoulder (Which is a first) and keeps it there until we get to her room, I give her her blankie and binki and she snuggles into them while rubbing her eyes.
I’m pretty positive she’s showing signs of intelligence off the charts.

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