Little poo hands

It finally happened.
We were at a family dinner at my moms house over a year ago – my nephew was between 10 and 12 months old (he’s now a little over 2) and my brother told us a story of how when he was changing Kael’s (my nephew) diaper he reached down there and smeared poo all over himself.
Now I’m sorry to even have to recall this mental image. I was completely disgusted when I heard this, but my brother said – Just wait … it’ll happen to you.
And it did. This morning. I’m so sorry Jessica to even write about this on the WORLD WIDE WEB … but I just have to.
Jessica was eating her a morning snack and wouldn’t sit still – not like she wanted to get down, just couldn’t get comfortable. I figured it was probably a dirty diaper – and I would change it when we were done eating.
After she finished eating she just wanted to be put down to play, and instead of changing her right away, I let her. She wasn’t really happy just playing either, kept wanting to be picked up and then put back down … etc. I decided it was time to just change her already.
I lay her down and undo the diaper … that’s when slow motion kicked in and I saw her chubby little arms reaching, her hands stretched out, that’s when it happened. She smeared the poo – I freaked out for about a second, then I laughed, then I thought how disgusting this was and hurried to clean up her hands before she touched something else.
Turns out she wasn’t interested in the poo – but more in the massive itching rash underneath the poo. No wonder she couldn’t sit still.
Someday you’re going to absolutely FREAK OUT when you find this, if it’s still not on the internet somewhere it’ll probably be logged in your baby book. And your boyfriend or fiance or girlfriends will be reading it out of curiosity and then all of a sudden you’ll scream and yell “MOM!!!!!!!!” and I’ll know EXACTLY what you’re reading. Just know I love you, all of you – even your little poo hands.

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  1. Should it make you feel any better about this, be aware that when Jill went upstairs to find out why Emma wasn’t napping, she discovered it was because it was just way more fun to put poop in her tea set (along with myriad other locations).

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