And I thought I had nothing to do

why, WHY have I never found this website before … I’m married to an internet genious who has willingly spent free hours working on a website for me that I’ve done nothing with. Mostly because no one bought what I was making.

I even had tags (pictured above) drawn up and quoted to be made for me so I could have them sewn into the dresses. But alas, no one bit on my worm and I donated them all the Goodwill during our fall clean-out frenzy.
Back to the topic at hand … I’ve always felt lost when it comes to the internet. I pretty much can get to 7 sites well, among the list is a daily blog I enjoy, yahoo, google, our online banking, my ebay account and moveable type.
Lucky for me dooce linked to this section of the above acclaimed website and after I went digging I ran into the goldmine of their links page.
I’ve since made myself a feed and gotten very excited about the possibilities for my website. Which, in the near future, will hopefully be something more to look at.
I’m also hoping to learn XHTML and possibly some CSS so I can help out around the house, so to speak. And make some easy changes on my own.
I feel I need a good digital camera to back me up in this new endeavour, but when mentioned to the technological goo-ru (who just purchased the new Treo phone from Altell) I was told to “start saving” … rats.

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