Hair cut malfunction

Aside from looking like a 12-year old with my new hair cut – I would say that I actually hate it.
I should have just gotten a trim. But NOOOOOOOO, I looked through the books and saw how cute the models hair was and I showed my hairdresser a bunch of photos and then just “let her do it”.
There’s nothing wrong with my hairdresser, she did exactly what I showed her and asked her to do – I just didn’t take into consideration the fact that I’m not the model, nor do I have the hour every morning to try to duplicate anything close to the photographed image. Oh … and, it’s my face the hair is going to be surrounding.

2 thoughts on “Hair cut malfunction

  1. Amen sister! I know the feeling… but apparently it takes two weeks for your hair to go to the desired length and management…. I have one week to go… If only we were famous or rich and had other people do our hair every morning. Oh where Oh where did my ponytail go?

  2. I know! I do think I figured out a way to manage my hair so that I don’t FEEL like a 12 year old. It includes a ridiculous amount of hair spray, moose, bobby pins and swearing. Eh huh.

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