18 Grandparents, just grandparents – 18 of them.

I picked up the bowl from Paint-a-Pot today that Jessica and I made in memory of her first birthday, along with help from Grandpa and Grandma Schaap.

I really need to get some names in order for all the Grandparents – because you see, there are quite a few to remember and when telling Jessica about them all or talking to her about one or the other, we always just say “Grandma or Grandpa” … but there is in fact:
Grandma Boeve and Pappy
Grandma Great (Boeve)
Grandma and Grandpa Schaap
Great Grandma and Grandpa Schaap
Grandma Jane (Great)
Great Grandma and Grandpa DeBruecker
Grandpa Broersma and Nona
Great Nono and Nona
Great Grandpa and Grandma VanderGriend
Great Grandpa and Grandma Broersma
Thats 18 grandpas and grandmas. Help me. And to even mess her up more – when we talk about Great Grandpa and Grandma Schaap – we rarely actually say “Great” because to us, they’re just Grandpa and Grandma … We’re really messing with her.
So – someday hopefully she’ll make her own affectionate names for each and every one of them as my brothers and sister did when we were little – our great grandparents were Marble Grandpa and Grandma and Pig Grandpa and Grandma – these names derived from the fact that “Marble Grandpa” made us marble games and “Pig Grandpa” made us wooden pigs and cows for toys. Then we had Grandpa and Grandma Broersma and Grandpa and Grandma VanderGriend, our maternal and paternal grandparents.
And that was it. We only had 8 grandparents. Much easier to keep track of. So when we get photos taken or send out cards – we’re sending out more than 20 just for Grandparents and family members.
I hope Jessica decides to call one of her Grandmothers “Grand Lady” because in a book I read, called Gardina’s for Breakfast, the Grandma who made life magical for the main character was affectionately known as Grand Lady. And it really touched me. I would love to make this my mom’s grandmotherly name for Jessica – because she made life magical for me … but I just can’t seem to get it out of my mouth whenever we’re talking about Grandma (Boeve). We’ll see what she comes up with.

This is Jessica’s first run in the the toilet paper – she took it from the bathroom, across the hall from where she is pictured, in to the office (pictured) … and apparently it doesn’t taste all that bad because she LOVES it. Oh the joys of childhood.

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