Transistion to one nap

Apparently Jessica has gone to one nap a day. Instead of sleeping 20 hours, then 16, then 3 naps, then 2 … we’re down to one.
The past few days has been kind of hairy in the napping department because of this, mostly because I was having more of a hard time than Jessica was. She knew what she wanted … TO PLAY! And I thought I knew what she needed … SLEEP!!!
You can see the pattern. If she’ll sleep for 3 hours for the one nap, I am OK with it. However if she decides one nap for only an hour and half is good for her, I might go insane. Like admit myself to 2North insane.
I’m a big fan of alone time. Of non-touch alone time, of quiet, alone time. I like being alone. I like being quiet, I like reading and sleeping and scrap booking, all in peace. And if my chances of alone time suddenly drop from a few hours to one, I can safely and honestly say we’re not having any more children. Ever.
Yes Jessica, this is a warning. If you want siblings, some one to play with and joke with, bother and boss around – if you want something to do at future family gatherings … SLEEP MORE!
OR – if God can guarantee me a child like myself – or something similar to a mild mannered child. One who isn’t constantly going, going, going. One who rests once in a while or sits in my lap just because, one who doesn’t have pure adrenaline running through their veins … then, ok. We’ll have another one, someday.

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