going digital

Aaron and I have decided to move into the digital photography world. We’ve both had extensive practice in 35mm film photography and have loved it dearly. Me especially.
I just loaded the last roll of 35mm film into my Minolta SLR camera. My pappy bought this camera for me and I’m having a hard time getting rid of it. Although I know it’s stupid to keep 5 cameras – because, people, that’s how many we have between the two of us; it’s still hard. We already sold Aaron’s camera and lenses on Ebay and I’m selling my medium format camera and accessories along with 2 of my Minolta lenses now too.
So – as an ode to my beautiful camera that has taken many a beautiful photos that have captured the mood, the essence and the feeling of any given moment or memory – here are some of my favorites of the past year:

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