We just got the catalog for SXSW in the mail, which Aaron will be going to in March … but dooce is also going to be there! I knew this, since I’m a big fan and read her site almost everyday and since Aaron has been rubbing it in my face since he found out … but when I looked at the catalog I saw dooce got quite the honorable mention on the FRIGGEN cover of the magazine.
It didn’t take long for me to score the pages to find more, like I was hunting for new information on Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey in the grocery isle of smut magazines before someone saw me or I had to buy it before I read it … I was pleasantly surprised that after flipping through 2 or 3 pages I came upon an entire page of Heather Armstrong.
Lets hope she doesn’t completely freak out when a strange guy asks for her photo, or autograph for his crazy wife back at home with the baby.

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