Jessica has been sick for the past few days and I can’t tell if we’re at the peak about to turn around, or if we’re in a plateau. The poor baby wants to sleep but will fight the devil himself before she closes her eyes or surrenders to her crib.
We actually haven’t had to deal with a sick baby like this yet – yea she’s had a stuffy nose and hasn’t felt very good – but this one trumps them all. She acts like her whole body hurts.
She was up around 2 AM this morning – not for any particular reason other than, she didn’t feel good and couldn’t sleep – so we couldn’t either.
Atleast she hasn’t lost her sense of humor while feeling under the weather. This morning as she was eating her cheerios, I was doing some work online and she was strategically dropping them one by one over the side of her highchair, thinking I had no idea how clever she was being. When I did finally let on that I knew what she was doing, she just looked at me and smiles and then jabbers something probably having to do with how cool she was.

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