Local CSA’s and co-ops

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I encourage all of you to get involved in a local co-op or CSA. The benefits are endless not only for your health and well being but also for the local farms and economy.
Community Supported Agriculture in Michigan
More with Less
Leaf and Bean, too, they opperate a local co-op.
Maple Creek Farm, they opperate a CSA on the SE side of the state – but they have a great paragraph/intro to what a CSA is and does.
Local Harvest
I’m just finding that the more I read about gardening, local co-ops and CSA’s I’m so passionate about helping the cause. I, like too many people today, suffer from the laziness of our current American Dream.
In my opinion we’ve lost our ability to have patience, not only have it, but teach it to our children and our childrens children. They cry so we have something for them NOW, they want something to eat so we pop open a can, pop it in the microwave to heat up the artificial meal.
Not only that, but we as adults no longer hold back on our wants. We take care of wants before our needs – cable TV, cell phones, expensive toys and electronics. Yeah, I get that some of this is needed and appriciated – some of it is earned, but most of it is put on store credit. Not only that but we don’t have to pay til May of 2007, with no money down AND THEY WILL PAY OUR TAXES.
Do you see how easy it is to be caught up in the fakeness of wanting and needing and having and momentary hoping.
Maybe it’s just where I am in my journey that I’m so bothered by most of this. But it really bothers me that I’m 22 (albeit young) and just beginning this struggle. Why aren’t we taught the true value of a dollar in school, why aren’t we taught how to buy a house, apply for a loan or obtain secure credit? Why don’t they warn us of the risks of financial ruin? Oh, right – because they’re preparing us for test taking skills at a college level, so we won’t feel so lost.
I might be crabby.

One thought on “Local CSA’s and co-ops

  1. so happy to hear you spreading the word about CSAs! so many people do not know about these… have you found one near holland? i always have wondered why there weren’t more CSAs, and co-ops too, around holland. it’s too bad.
    i’m an organic farmer in the northeast now, but my family is trying to get me to come back to west michigan to run a farmstand/csa.
    keep sharing these thoughts with people! and look into a buying club for deals on organic/natural foods since there isn’t a co-op around… i know there are a few buying club groups near holland.

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