An unhealthy amount of MTV

Right now I’m in Ft Wayne, Indiana with Aaron – sans child. Jessica is staying with my mom for the 2 nights we’re out of town, one of which was last night.
Aaron is here on business and I came along to sleep in and read books and take naps and watch an unhealthy amount of MTV. So far, I’m accomplishing everything on my list. And shopping. Lots of Shopping.
It’s been a great break for me. Definitely something every mom or wife should do on a semi regular basis – if that means once a year or month or decade – what ever keeps you centered and happy and working like a well oiled machine – do it.
Next week we’re headed to the big windy city of Chicago – Jessica will come along on that trip and we’ll be gone for 2 nights as well – I’ll only be home on night next week and then take off for Chicago again with my mom and sister – sans husband and child.
Very exciting and busy week coming up – full of sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. have I mentioned how I’ll get to nap and sleep?

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