Big winner

Tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago with my mom and sister!! No kids and no husbands allowed!
I didn’t end up going to Chicago with Aaron and Jessica earlier this week because I’m a dutch dancer and needed to be home on Wednesday for practice. Turns out I would have been able to do it because Aaron got home 30 minutes before I had to leave for practice, although he was sicker than a dog.
Apparently he has strept throat and they won’t take his tonsils out. Yet.
So needless to say I’m pretty excited about this little vacation. I don’t think I’ve gone away overnight with just my mom and sister since I was … um, maybe never. Not just the 3 of us anyway.
There was that one time I went to Mackinac City with my sister more than 5 years ago … now that was a trip. Full of speeding tickets, lottery tickets and parasailing. I fully doubt any of the above will happen this weekend, seeing as we’re taking a train and it’s a tad too chilly for parasailing on the Big Lake. I’m holding out for the lottery though.

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