Chicago March, 2006

My weekend in Chicago was grand. Completely wonderful, refreshing and such a blast with my mom and sister. We spent many hours shopping at Felines Basment, H&M, J. Crew, all over Michigan Ave. and the Hershey’s store. It was spellbounding.
The food, as always, was to die for. I think my favorite place we ate was a toss up between O’Briens and The Billy Goat Tavern.
O’Briens was a classy sit down, not too pretencious in the atmosphere or menu. The food was home cookin – no surprises. We knew that what we ordered was what we were eating. It was amazing.
The Billy Goat Tavern was just awesome. Our food was ready in 3 minutes, the atmosphere was wild – as in, definitely not your Applebea’s … we asked what they recommended and thats what we all ordered. No questions asked. It was fun and lively and a comfortable place to sit and linger.
We slept in til 10:30 I think, I can’t even remember it was so heavenly {squeal!}. Then we ordered room service and watched TLC for an hour before we shopping til we dropped some more on Saturday, finding some awesome buys and really great new looks.
I would have to say one of the many funnest experiences the whole weekend was spending 2+ hours in Victorias Secret with my mom and sister, all in one dressing room – finding the perfect bra. And if you had our genes you would understand the monumentous joy it is to have the right bra.
Lets not forget the taxi-cab rides. This was a bit of a culture shock for my sister, she likes to be in control when she’s in a car – or atleast know and trust the driver of the car she’s in, none of the above were possible in a cab. I honestly think she was pale in the fist cab we took, in the second she had white knuckles while using my hands as a relaxation device … in the third we were pretty relaxed from our 2 drink minimum at the Comedy club that she didn’t seem to notice and in the fourth she finally spoke the driver, which put her at ease entirely.
All in all I can’t wait to go away with just my mom and sister again. We’re going to try to make this an Annual Thing, possibly a Bi-Annual Thing. The next trip is mine to plan.
Photos are here.

4 thoughts on “Chicago March, 2006

  1. I was just looking through all the great photos you have posted! I only have one comment, shouldn’t there be more of me? (hee hee)

  2. Uh … no, there should be more of me, but since I was taking all the photos there are more of you. Next time I’ll devote all my film to you šŸ˜‰

  3. Hi there- is there actually another Jill Broersma out there? I googled my name and found this site!!! Wild!
    Jill Broersma Olson

  4. Yep – another Jill Broersma, my sister. I’m Jodi.
    You’re not that far away either – we’re in Holland – only 3 hours from Chicago!

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