New routine

We recently got into the routine of bathing Jessica every night before bedtime. I say recently because until about 2 weeks ago – we bathed her when and how we felt like it. Some times she showered with one of us, some times I gave her a bath before a nap, some times she didn’t get wet for an entire 72 hours.
She just wasn’t a messy girl. Then we introduced foods like spaghetti and broccoli. Both of which make a tremendous mess when you’re not looking and she hurtles the food at the windows or other chairs … or us, most likely. She has this really “sly” trick of ‘hiding’ the food she doesn’t want next to her legs under the high-chair tray. Or she simply takes handfuls of whatever it is we’re trying to get her to eat and plays with her hair, ears and eyes.
You can see the need for the new routine. Bath time is supposed to be that place where children get clean, though. Instead we might as well have a drain put in the center of our bathroom floor to suck up all the suds and water that is spontaneously strewn from the tub whenever Jessica is within inches of the water works. And after her bath, I need one too.
We’ve also just recently been able to let Jessica sit in the bath without a seat or restraining device because, like her father, she refuses to sit still or do anything she’s told whatsoever. Until about 3 weeks ago – she was at risk of drowning every time we put her in an inch of water. She’s that spasmatic. Now she gets the freedom of the entire tub along with 3 cups to “pour” into from one another which really means – throw water from the tub at high speeds with vigor and glee … and I thought I might be ready for another baby some time in the next 3 to 5 years.

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