I’ve been doing ALOT of research about whole living, healthy living. I’m even taking a course/class with a known Holistic Health Counselor to learn how to feed my body what it really needs, not what Betty Crocker is selling at Sav-A-Lot.
Along with that I’ve been looking into what else I have in my house that I either ingest by eating or by putting on my person in some way or the other – like shampoo, soap, perfume … because our skin is a living organ – what we put on the outside of it goes directly to our blood stream and to the inside of us. All of it.
I’ve known this since health class in 7th grade but did absolutely nothing about it. I was still alive and well, said my doctors – so why should I change a darn thing?
This has definitely been a journey for me. And you can be thinking to yourself, oh dear – what kind of whacko is talking into Jodi’s ear – what is she reading, or worse, what is she believing? Let me be the first to say that until you’ve done your own research, on either side of the fence, I can’t have this conversation with you. You’re blindly following one or the other – and I think you need to be informed on your own. Read some articles, talk to various professionals – seek your own counsel, in whatever form that is for you – but do something other than believe what the news tells you or what the FDA says is OK.
This is a much bigger monster than that.
I’ve happened upon some pretty habit changing articles for me and my household and I thought I would just share a one of them with you.
This article talks about the antibacterial hand soap that every one is buying, including myself: Dangerous Chemicals in Personal Care Products Compromise Health
Allow me to highlight a few things from this article –
“The vast majority of these chemicals I’m talking about are considered environmental hazards by the EPA. And yet it’s perfectly legal for manufacturers to put them in their products and indirectly allow consumers to put them into their bodies. You could be arrested if you dumped these same chemicals into a stream — that would be a violation of federal law.”
This paragraph BLOWS MY MIND. Literally. How can it be a violation of federal law to dump the SAME chemicals or ingredients into a stream that we put into products for use in our homes, around our children, plants, pets and families? If anything, I would think dumping anti bacterial products into the streams would be a GOOD thing – that way we’re stopping some of the bacteria in it’s tracks. Not getting it in our water – etc. Oh how stupid I was.

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  1. Jodi, you should see all the holistic/health stores we have out here…you would love it! My favorite thing to do during lunch is just go and look at stuff… and buy some stuff, it’s dangerous šŸ™‚

  2. have you ever checked out lots of great natural living articles especially for moms!

  3. looks great – thanks for the recommendation – I’ll definitely spend some time on this website šŸ™‚

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