feeding time

We’re not one of those families that buys in bulk because we only buy groceries once a month or have 6 mouths to feed … I get groceries EVERY WEEK and sometimes I have to go to the store in between grocery days and buy MORE BULK FOOD because our 1-year old baby eats more than Aaron and I combined in one day.
I buy 5 lbs of grapes at a time, they’re ALL gone in 3 days. She’ll eat a pound for breakfast lunch and dinner if we let her – I buy bananas and cantelopes in this fashion as well – all gone within 5 days. Kashi Cereal is another bulk buy in this house, as is Chicken, veggies and sweet potatoes.
She’s not a picky eater – although she will let you know when you’re not serving her the meal she had in mind. And she’ll continue to let you know until you get it right, already. I’m pretty good at “reading” her signs and language by now – but I’ll be damned if I knew she wanted cantelope with her peas, not the grapes … or bananas or the chicken.
Sams Club and Costco were invented for mothers like me.
And until she’s full, which means her stomach is hard as a rock, we won’t be free of the binds of the high chair or feeding this bottomless pit named Jessica. I would have much more free time if I just gave her the entire cantelope and let her go for it – but then she’d still want some cereal and probably some grapes too.
She’s finally starting to show some interest in utensils – forks and spoons … and she can use them OK. I read in a book like a year ago that we should let her play with utensils in the bath tub to get her used to using them and then wait for her to ask or show interest when she’s eating to use them … It’s taken a while for her to catch on that spoons are used at the table, not in the tub.
Of course she doesn’t want her spoons, the ones we were given by a friend for her to use – the plastic, small, not dangerous sporks and spoons … oh no. She wants the stainless steel jobbies mom and dad use all that time. You know the ones, perfect for poking eyes out and scratching limbs or cheeks. Yea, she prefers those.
I never thought I would wash my hands so much in the course of an hour … changing new born diapers was less exhausting and time constraining as it is to feed her at 16 months.

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