When I was 16 I took a trip out to Washington state to visit my aunt who had just had a baby – and also to sneak up to Canada to get a tattoo … that’s right people … I have a tattoo – and a big one at that … I actually have 2.
This is the one I got when I was 16. Allow me to repeat myself, I was 16. At the time the jeans that were being sold in stores were high enough to cover this, now however I’d be lucky to find pants that didn’t show more than modest things when I bend down …
Anyway, I’ve thought about getting it redone because I’ll have it for the rest of my life, I might as well like it – and I’ve asked a few creative family members to assist me in this endevour because, let’s be honest – there’s no trusting my creativity to being permanantly inked. Neither of my family members has promised to do anything with it other than look at it and if they’re intrigued will actually do a thing to it for me … which is fine and completely understandable – but I do desperately want to do something about this.
So, I’m asking you, dear internet – if you want to and have the time and energy, PLEASE feel free to submit a revision of this current debacle on my lower back. The idea in the first place was to get a SMALL tattoo of an Aferican tree, from where I was born, but it turned into this when all was said and done.
So I do love trees, feel free to make it an illistration with bold lines or a simple recreation without the stupid maple leaf or star. Whatever you do – email it to me and I’ll post the revisions on my site, then I’ll get it REDONE and I’ll probably reward you with a large chunk of change to JP’S COFFEE downtown Holland, MI.
My other tattoo is on my right foot – actually on my toe.
All this from a good little dutch girl.

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