Role reversal

There used to be a girl inside of me who cringed when she heard other kids crying in public places. Part of that girl knew it was unrealistic, the other part just wanted them to shut up already.
That girl died, we buried her when Screamness d’Screams came into the world and we entered the supermarket.
I was taking my time getting groceries because that’s relaxing for me, and Jessica usually plays and does what her heart desires as she talks to all her imaginary friends and soup cans. She usually gets her pacifier in the grocery store as well because, let’s be honest, I need some “me” time.
It is the worst thing ever when you want a situation to go like this and not only does it not go like this, it goes like that. That being completely out of the realm that this was ever in.
I had one of those days, one of those grocery outings. We’re in the produce section because god forbid we be in the frozen foods when I saw them – other mothers, grandparents, elderly people and teens WATCHING ME as my child CLIMBED OUT OF THE CART AND ALMOST FELL. They proceeded to watch me telling my child “NO!” and firmly setting her back down as Screamness d’Screams did what she does best. Wailed.
I shoved the pacifier in her mouth, never mind that it had fallen on the disgusting tile floor about 7 times – forgot to check the ripeness of the banana’s as I threw in my cart and went to the check out where the cashier TISK TISK’d my child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole nine yards, pointing the fingers and TISKING. She was only half way done with my groceries when I looked at her like she was the devil incarnate trying to take my soul and said to her in a tone of voice that I thought only my mother could muster … Do not tisk my child.” The lady behind me was red, Jessica stopped wailing and the cashier nervously giggled as she continued to ring up my bill. I didn’t say anymore verbally. I’m pretty sure I got the point across when my eyes were burning a whole in her skull.

5 thoughts on “Role reversal

  1. Jodi, you are my HERO! I will hang posters of you in my room, place a cape around my neck and pretend I am you! Seriously though, you are SUPER MOM!

  2. Stacey – I don’t think I’ve ever been anybodies hero – but I will totally buy into it. I’ll work on a costume and get one to you asap. šŸ™‚ Strangers are not allowed to tisk my kid. Especially ugly ones.

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