Last week

Our friends just moved into a new house and we went over for dinner the other night to see it and get together. They have a little girl 3 weeks older than Jessica, Anna, so the girls kept each other busy while we made dinner and what not.
Then we decided to give the girls a bath together … mistake number one. My child has nothing to do with a mild temperament … she’s wild through and through. So we put them in the bath together and Jessica almost immediately starts to splash – like 3 feet high. Anna, the poor kid, is the calmest baby I know these days – she’s happy just sitting in the tub, as told to do – playing with her toys and eating the bubbles.
Insert Jessica. So we let her splash a bit, but once you couldn’t tell whether or not there was more water in the bath than on the floor I started to tell Jessica “That’s enough”. Like any 1 and a half year old would do – she ignored me. So I gave her a few chances and then said, if you do it again I’m going to take you out of the bath.
Like I’m speaking Greek to a Spaniard. Of course she did it again, IT’S FUN! So I took her out – got her dried off, dressed and combed. Ready for bed and ready to hit the road for home. I turn my attention to something else for ONE SECOND and this is what happens.

She climbed, or fell, back into the tub, completely dressed and started eating the bubbles and splashing like the end of the world was coming and this might be her last chance.
Photo taken by Aaron

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