The only good reason to miss American Idol this close to the end

Although I wouldn’t trade my date night with my super hunky and incredibly handsome and loving husband … we missed the American Idol finale Part I and I’m a bit of a fan.
What happened? I read up on it on the good ol’ innernet šŸ˜‰ but if you saw it – what do you think? Who’s going to win?
I like, no LOVE Taylor. I personally think he has it in the bag because he’s star struck with the fame and obscurity of it all. Katherine, although she’s my fav this season, is from LA and has seen this all before – or at least that’s the attitude she gives off. If she was a bit more middle America I think Katherine would be the shoe in – but I don’t think she’s naive enough for the general public to boost her to stardom, she’s already half way there.
Not to mention she shot herself in the foot the other week when she nonchalantly mentioned that although her family is literally right down the road, she just doesn’t talk to them that much. … Her dad CRIED during “Over the Rainbow” she could have at least let everyone believe she was close to them. But instead in the 3 seconds she had to say anything, any one thing at all – she said, “I actually don’t talk to them that much.” Not, yeah my family is so supportive, they’re great – we’re all so excited I got this far …
I don’t know – that’s just what I think. She’s got the looks and the voice for sure but her P.R. is a bit diva-esche and when America is voting we like the underdogs to win because they have the ability to show us the life we’ll never obtain, and they’re honest about it.
I’ll be watching tomorrow night, hopefully. Unless I forget, which is entirely possible. On another note – my super hunky sidekick took me out to Carabba’s for dinner and then to Mission Impossible: III. It was a great date.

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