I’ve heard my mom tell me that the Terrible Two’s are really a state of mind and that how you react to your child’s strong willed new communication is more than half the battle.
I am losing this battle head on. Lately Jessica tests me at every corner, biting me and scratching my face till blood flows … or she’ll just deliberately do things she knows she can’t and has never done or just because she wants to. Like play with the fire place. Never been an issue – all of a sudden, an issue.
Or bite people – again not an issue – oh but wait … yes it is. Or hitting or scratching or disobeying.
I know some mom’s who constantly talk about how terrible their kids are and I don’t want to be that mom. I realize there are changes going on, that she’s learning to be independent from Aaron or me and that she’s learning to communicate in her own way – not the way we’re showing her or trying to teach her. If she adopts any of what we’re constantly throwing her way, then GREAT! But as long as we all get from point A to point B with the least amount of blood and tears, I am A-O-K! with it.
She’s now our expert TV turner offer and does it with glee, even when not asked. HORAY! And she’s just begun her career as the kitchen drummer, complete with wooden spoons and stainless steel pots and pans. We now have to walk over our entire collection of Tupperware on any given day but she’s also learning to put it away – so … ALRIGHT! We have insurance, a broken leg won’t be THAT bad.
However the few things I will not surrender to this new independent spirit in my house are my toes, as they’re bitten on a regular basis, my face, as it’s scratched daily (lately) and my sanity as it’s wrestled with at 5:00pm every day. I’m fighting for these very small normalcy’s to continue thriving in my life. I want my face and my toes and I like my sanity.
I’m learning to celebrate the “normal” things our kid does, not the extraordinary. Like saying Thank You and Please or letting us know she has a dirty diaper and PLEASE WOMAN JUST CHANGE ME ALREADY. She lets us know when she wants to go outside by said “Si, Si” (pronounced Sigh Sigh) and when she’s all done with, well anything, she signs ALL DONE and jabbers something to us.
So I can take the biting and the scratching and I can almost completely deal with the loss of sanity as long as she continues to show human behavior on a regular basis. There might be such a thing as “terrible twos” but I refuse to surrender my child or challenges to a category or stereo type. If a baby lives to be 4, he’s been 2 .. whether or not it was terrible is really up to you.

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  1. Just a reminder: Although it seems, right now, that your precious child will never grow out of this phase, I want to remind you that someday when you are expecting her to scratch or bite you in reaction, she will instead look up at you, grin, and pour her kool-aid drink on your pants. The best (and most humorous) parenting advice I’ve been given is from my mother-in-law who states that “raising children is very hard, but don’t worry, it will get worse.”

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