planning naughty showers for revenge

I’ve recently become involved in planning quite a few parties … birthdays, showers … etc and I am having the time of my life. I like doing alot of things, I love doing some things and my passions lie in photography, party planning, wedding planning, and watching trends. Watching trends is more a broad term for my dream job of being a Buyer for a company like Target or Peir 1, or even a smaller more local store.

Sign me up – pay me to travel and shop. DREAM JOB.
Right now I’m planning 2 different bridal showers, one for a friend and one for a relative. This friend threw me a wonderfully risque shower when I was ripe for the picking as a bride and although I won’t be “getting her back” with this particular shower – she can bet on her life that I’ll be returning the favor at her bachelorette party.

I’ve been doing some research on games and although this site is mostly G-Rated let me just say that there are plenty of non-Christian games and gags I plan to execute, seriously, the ones that really know me well know how much I have love gambling games my entire life, I obviously can’t play them all now a days because they are not kid appropriate, but me and my husband make sure to gamble with MegaReel every time we get a chance, for me is one of the best things to do to get my mind off of stressing things. I don’t have a penis mold for a cake like she did, but I have an imagination, and I’ll be using it.

3 thoughts on “planning naughty showers for revenge

  1. Oh man, you don’t have to have a mold to make the cake…with some creative cake cutting, you could totally fashion one yourself hehehe

  2. haha, very true – we’re going to fashion a cake alright … just not a penis. I’m pretty sure Kerrie will turn bright red and we’ll all die from laughter. Wonderful.

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