Boobie cake

Here’s to hoping that Kerrie doesn’t read this website tonight. I can’t hold this back any longer. I made the cake today – and this is the master piece.

Mwahahahahahahahaha. I need to find the photos of the shower she threw for me – y’all’ll think I’m an angel. Honestly.
The shower I received from Kerrie came fully equiped with a penis cake, anatomically correct with flesh tone icing and a few other surprises. Then came the penis straws I had to use and the penis wind up toys I had to play with. My mom was there. Not much embarrasses me – but when I opened a gift from my sister-in-law and it happened to be this book I was MORTIFIED. Which intensified when I was told that MY BROTHER helped pick it out.
Thats one of those moments in life that you’d like to erase from your memory, knowing that your brother had a say in the book on sex that his wife was buying for his BABY sister. Maybe that’s not weird, maybe it’s normal – but it made me turn 37 different shades of red. Kinda like my first kiss – after said boy was finished trying to shove his tongue down my throat I told him that was the grossest thing I’ve ever done. And then I told my brothers about that.
Needless to say they were hooting and hollering because I didn’t like kissing boys at the age of 14, especially not when tongues were involved – but I’ll never forget that either. Nor will I live it down.
Or there was that time when I asked my parents what a BONER was at Sunday dinner with my Grandma in attendance, yeah – that one doesn’t go away either.
I could go on with the number of embarrassing things I’ve said or asked my family – but I’ll stop while I’m ahead. Here’s to making more embarrassing memories with Kerrie!

One thought on “Boobie cake

  1. I’m dying over here! I think I just peed a little from laughing so hard! You should market that cake. I know what you mean about embarassing moments. At my bacch. party, my dear friend made chocolate penis suckers. You even had your pick between white chocolate or milk chocolate….in case you had a preference! YUMMMMY!

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