take care of mommy

The past week Jessica has finally realized she is the center of our attention 20 out of the 24 hours in a day. She’s taken quite well to this new found fame – it’s like everything she does is now a joy – because LOOK AT ME, I’M DOING SOMETHING AMAZING … AND IT’S FUN!. Whereas before we were watching her discover things and then watched with glee when she figured it out and a smile crept on her face because she understood it.
Although there is still discovery in her world, there isn’t near as much as there is acting. And acting is so much funner for her when she’s happy because that will illicit smiles and clapping and laughing from anyone who’s watching.
We have a scale in the bathroom for Aaron and myself to be on target with losing some weight – and Jessica found it a few weeks ago … she stood on it and looked down like mom and dad do, then she got off and walked away. This happened daily for a few weeks until this past week. Now she gets on it, dances for a while – plays with the sink and watches us brush our teeth or daddy shave and then she gets off only to get back on and do it all over again.
This week I’ve been sick – my body feels like the flu but my throat feels like strep-throat – and this morning while Aaron was getting ready to head into work 2 hours late so I could sleep just a little more, he bent down and asked her to take care of mommy for him while he was gone – she looked at him square in the eyes and said “yes”.
She’s doing a great job, by the way. She’s even listening to commands – put that away, do not touch those, close the cupboard, no no … and she’s smiling while she’s listening. If I didn’t feel like poop on a log I would be puddy in her hands.

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