People, I’m not pregnant.

Last night we went for a ride in the car because I was feeling better and couldn’t possibly watch anymore TV or movies. We ended up running into a few people and casually stopped to talk to a few here and there – whenever I said I wasn’t feeling well after they’d ask how we were they all looked at my stomach. Every single person.
People, I’m not pregnant. I have a sore throat. Everyone just figures that since you’re not feeling well – and … you’re married, you already have one kid – I’m guessing they want more – of course … that must be it, THEY’RE PREGNANT! And then they go for the discreet look at my abdomen, except that there’s nothing discreet about it – I’m looking you in the eyes because we’re having a conversation. I can see when you look down at my stomach. Honestly.
There’s only been one person to outright ask if I’m pregnant – everyone else just waits for the announcement. Only there isn’t any announcements so we keep our mouths shut. I imagine they all think to themselves – ‘Well, when they do announce it I’ll have known first. I could tell by the way they didn’t say anything, by the way she wasn’t “feeling well” … I’ll have known before anyone else.’
Ah well – let ’em think it. I suppose we’ll never tell any way.

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  1. haha. i’ve not been married for as long as you have, but i have had people ask me if i’m with cihld when i’m not feeling well also! it must be part of the curse of Eve… having to deal with that question during your early years of married life… 😉

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