The shower

Tonight I hosted a shower for my cousin Lindy at our house. This had to have been one of the funnest showers I’ve been to or a part of in a very long time. It was really small – just family, which I think made it more comfortable to sit and chat. We only played one game – the UNDERWEAR game and then opened gifts and ate and talked for 2 and half hours.
It was great. I had one of those moments tonight though. I was telling the story of my first training bra … you know how it goes. I was in third grade and because my genes are quite well endoud I needed a bra at the age of 8. I had marshmallowy hershey’s kisses poking out of my shirt. One day my mom gave me this white thing and told me I should start wearing it under me shirts. It was a special thing. Something I was allowed to do. Like a gift.
Only I was the only girl in my entire grade who was wearing a bra and actually needed one at 8. The story went on to describe how my life ended one morning when the boy I wanted to marry accidentally saw my bra because of the shirt I was wearing and a hug went array with a little girl friend. I mean, I wanted TO DIE. To this day I remember thinking how embarrassing it was to have my future husband see THOSE THINGS.
His name was Chris and I was hopelessly devoted. Too bad he never had a clue.
I kept telling the story because everyone kept laughing, but for the life of me I didn’t get what was so hilarious about this story. Sure, it’s embarrassing and can’t you imagine being 8 and completely mortified … but people’s faces were turning different shades of red from laughing. I just didn’t get it. Nothing was too special about the story or about how I was telling it.
Later my mom said to – Jodi, you are so funny some times. I don’t get it. I mean thank you! I like making people laugh – but it’s completely on accident that comedy would ever actually trip out of my mouth.

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