Jessica’s new infatuation is ELMO! I bought a DVD when she was teeny tiny thinking that maybe I could get a shower alone if she was distracted. That never worked … but then she found the DVD last week and I played it for. Who knows what’ll keep her attention these days.
ELMO does. She calls for ELMO when she wakes up, when she’s eating, when she’s playing. She’ll bring you to the basement door, where the only TV is in the house, and all for ELMO until you open the door and let her rush down to wait for the show to begin. She’s even singing his song, LA LA LA LA …
This morning while she’s eating breakfast and I’m reading my daily blogs to give me a sense of companionship for the day in motherhood – she starts chanting ELMO ELMO ELMO and then, just in case I didn’t HEAR her say it – she’s now whispering it to me … elmo elmo … like it’s sacred and I better listen to her – she needs ELMO!

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