And it begins

We’ve begun potty-training in this house and it’s been going great. We don’t have a kid potty yet, so we’re just using the BIG girl potty and although she has yet to USE the potty, she sits on it alot and likes to flush. And she can now say Potty.
I’ve been trying to get her to sit on the potty at certain times during the day, after a nap, before bed, after eating … and I’m letting her run around naked more so she can feel the urge more than with the diaper.
Today we had a great potty training moment – we were outside for a while and she ended up getting naked to play in the pool and run around – she was doing great, no accidents what so ever. Then it’s time to go in and take a bath and we take our time getting there – looking at the grass and riding in the stroller up the hill, la la la …
All of a sudden she darts for the bathroom, mostly because we mentioned BATH and anything having to do with playing in water is ON HER LIST OF THINGS TO DO – so we didn’t think anything of it. This is normal behavior. Then we get to the bathroom to see her squatting and playing with her pee …
At least she knew to go into the bathroom. One hurdle down, many many many more to go.

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