Potty training success or fluke …

JESSICA USED HER POTTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It probably helps that while we were in the store today buying some swimming toys we ventured over to the potty training needs and saw a training potty with ELMO all over it. She fell in love.
After we got it out of the box and Aaron took it to the bathroom to show Jessica how it works she sat down and went. Not alot – but she went. And I was getting the special treats ready in our gum ball machine, we were going to do a practice run to show her how the system would work … and then she went and did it on her own.
So I was gave her an M&M and all of a sudden I see some shinny wetness at her toes – just droplets. Aaron picks her up and runs her to the potty, sits her down and she REALLY goes potty. Fills the cup half way up. So we do the whole drill again, YEAH JESSICA!! WOW, YOU DID IT!! HOORAY – GOOD JOB!! Wipe. Flush. Clean the Potty. Give child penny for gum ball machine. Get baby handful of M&M’s and fill out ELMO’S special certificate stating that Jessica Ranae Schaap made a STUPENDOUS effort at using the potty and placed it PROUDLY on the fridge.
She hasn’t gone on the potty again – but her diapers are staying dry in between changing and using the potty and she knows and understands the role of the potty.
Completely proud of my little girl. What a big girl.

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