Jessica is getting all 4 of her canines in at the same time, right now. How wonderful. She’s been crabbier than usual which means more whining and frustration – and more frustration for me. Although we know what’s causing the change in attitude, it’s not so fun to adjust to Miss Crabs Alot after having Miss Talks Alot and Miss Plays Well living in our home for the past year.
So I had a small breakdown the other day, which included an annoying amount of phone calls to my husband’s numerous voice mail accounts, all of which were unreturned. I was not in good shape. Jessica was crying, I was crying and for the life of me I could not get a hold of Aaron. I just needed to hear his voice, just to know that in an hour or 4 he’d be there to help me.
Women aren’t rational when it comes to frustration.
So he finally calls me back, without ever listening to the 23 voice mails I left him – he just said he noticed I called and wanted to know if I needed anything. Mind you – all only 30 minutes before he was going to be home, and packing and leaving for 2 days. I would have had all of 4 hours to spend with him before he fell asleep and left before I ever woke up.
Was there anything I needed? A BREAK. The one thing Aaron couldn’t give me for at least 72 hours. So instead he took me and Jessica out to eat and fell asleep as soon as we got home. He did wake up and spend some time with me, during which he announced he had arranged a surprise for me for the days he would be out of town.
The surprise included his mom and his grandma giving me hours of free time during the day. Needless to say, I started to cry. The one thing he couldn’t give me, he made for me. He arranged it, he made the calls and the plea on my behalf. So yesterday was my first day and my mom in law, dad in law and brother in law came over in the afternoon while I …
Got my hair cut.
Went to Old Navy. Of course I ended up buying an outfit for Jessica even though I had the gift card for me.
Went to TJ Maxx. Oh I love this store, I think I spent the most time here, just looking at everything. I bought a wedding gift for a friend, some new curtains, a plate set for Jessica and a sibling she’ll have in 7 years, some bubble bath & a candle.
Stopped at Bumble Beas.
Ran a few errands.
Rented a Movie.
I think it was about 3 1/2 hours of absolutely rechargable alone time. It was exactly what I needed.
Here’s the loot, excluding the bridal gift because, well, it wouldn’t be any fun if she saw it before the wedding…

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  1. oh boy Jodi! I’m so glad you got a break, if i can ever come over and help you out i’d be happy to, though my schedule is a bummer right now! call me if you need something while Aaron’s away! šŸ™‚

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