I’m not a fan of dependency on rubber objects anymore. They suck. Literally.

It didn’t get any better this evening. She did stop her tantrum this afternoon when I gave her the last pacifier that wasn’t cut. Then when she was distracted with Aaron I snuck in her room and cut the smallest most tiniest tip off the last binki and I think I’ve officially become the stupidest parent alive at the moment.
When she’s playing she’ll suck on the binki’s that are cut, like it doesn’t matter. But when it’s nap time or bed time she needs the real thing. She’ll try it and then throw it over her crib if it’s not good enough for her. Even the pacifier that hardly has anything wrong with it – she’ll throw it as to defy my efforts of being consistent in SOMETHING.
I’ve probably done more harm than good at this point in my mothering with the amount of inconsistency I have in some things. I just can’t decide what’s important and what’s not. Do I make her “deal with it” and throw a tantrum when she’s hungry at 5:30 but dinner will be ready at 6, or do I give her something to keep me sane and her from going off the deep end?
I know I’m building some kind of character by requiring patience but she’s 19 months old. Not 5 years old. Bla bla bla, teach them now, so you won’t have to REteach them later. You be this kids parent and then decide how to teach them. I’m doing my best. It’s hard. I want a binki too sometimes, soaked in whisky.

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