As I’m writing this Jessica is throwing the mother of all tantrums in her room. She’s laying on her stomach and SCREAMING into the carpet, trying to bite it. I think it’s a combination of getting all 4 of her canines in at the same time, they’re just starting to pop through, and of her being tired but fighting it with a little bit of madness to keep it interesting.

I’ve started weaning the binki and I’ve tried many things, but what I’m sticking to is slowly cutting the tip of the binky. We can sum up the fact that she hates this in the fact that it actually made her vomit this afternoon, she was so upset with me. Should I stop? Probably somewhere in a book or in someones eyes I’m completely ruining my child by denying her the comfort of her sucking ability. But people, she has fingers, she’ll figure it out. And the nipple on her pacifier isn’t GONE, it’s just slightly shorter.

I’ve explained on numerous occasions that there’s a bribe at the end of all of this – I’ll be rewarding both our efforts with a ridiculous amount of gifts when this is successful, complete with doll stroller, crib and highchair. She’ll be a mini mommy that can torture her new baby however she sees fit because she’s the parent and she said so.

And this video is to make all of you feel better … Jessica is about 3 1/2 months old here and smiling up a storm. There is no sound as this was taken on our old digital camera …

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