More sucking

It finally happened. After seeing an ultrasound picture with the thumb in the baby’s mouth and giving birth to a baby girl who immediately stuck her thumb in her mouth only to have a pacifier shoved in it days later – tonight … she sucked her thumb!

Most of you are thinking I’m a lunatic. Why would this be the outcome I was hoping for after taking away her pacifier.
I sucked my thumb until the age of 11.
I *finally* gave up my ki-ki, think blanket, a little past midnight September 11, 2005. I was turning 22 in a few days and had a moment of clarity where I actually told my husband to throw my blanket away now, or never.

He put it in a garbage bag and hid it in the garage – then threw it away a week later. He told me this about a month after I asked him do it, when I was BEGGING him to give it back to me because I thought he had the wherewithal to know I wasn’t ready.
Apparently, I was.
To this day if someone talks about a thumb or sucking a thumb, my left thumb tingles as if it was amputated and I was having phantom sensations. Not lying. It’s doing it right now, even writing about it.

You can imagine the comfort and joy my thumb and ki-ki brought to my life, still does in retrospect. Why wouldn’t I wish the same comfort and joy for my own babies? Plus it’s freaking adorable.

These are the only 4 photos I have of Jessica sucking her thumb or fingers when I was still counting the months to dictate her age. I would hold her with her thumb in her mouth hoping I was helping her “find her fingers” but really I just wanted her to catch on.
She did it in utero and in the hospital but then she got confused about those things that were flying past her face, and the big purple thing that feeds me. I think she forgot all about it. Plus we gave her a pacifier because she cried so much. (blatant lie) I don’t know why we gave her a pacifier. Probably to keep her sleeping longer. I don’t remember.
Actually the only fantasies I had about having a baby were that it would have curly hair, suck it’s thumb and oddly enough be a cuddler – or calm enough to cuddle. Jessica has and is none of these. But she does have dimples. And she can stick her whole hand in her mouth.

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