Ray of God’s sunshine

For the past 30 minutes Jessica has been enthralled with playing “Mommy” to her baby. Putting the baby in her booster seat and feeding it, putting the baby nigh-nigh in her crib, strolling around the house with her baby in her little stroller. She just thinks it’s awesome.
And I do too!
So for the grandparents out there who want to know early what to be looking our for as far as Christmas gifts and birthdays … anything to do with being a mommy. Miniature high chair, crib, best booster car seats … bottles and clothes for dolls. Maybe even a doll and I would LOVE it if she had a different racial doll, other than pansy white. And as always the fail safe of anything Elmo.
It’s like a gift when she finds something that keeps her occupied for more than 30 seconds! And I basque in them with glee. Especially after a night of waking up every few hours to check her temperature, which at one point was at 102 degrees. And being awake to comfort the crying baby who’s still sleeping but just can’t get comfortable. 30 minutes to do the dishes without whining is like God’s ray of sunshine on my morning.

One thought on “Ray of God’s sunshine

  1. I so agree! We are deep in the throes of teething…just 30 minutes of “baby-is-happliy-playing” is just a blessing!!!

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