Birthday Freebies

Today is my birthday, so naturally I’m going to try to milk it for all it’s worth and get as much free stuff as I can. If you know of any place that gives out free food or merchandise other then what I’ve already written, let me know. I’m compiling an article which I’ll be submitting to a local newspaper and also on this website.
Birthday Freebies:
Free Celebration dessert from Coldstone Creamery, registration in their birthday club required.
Not sure what, but something free or buy one get one free at Ben and Jerry’s, registration for their email newsletter required.
I’ve read that at Taco Bell you receive a Value Meal free on your birthday. But I haven’t confirmed this one yet.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Freebies

  1. I believe you can get a free dinner at Pietros and at Branns. Not 100% sure though! I’m always gone on my birthday so I have yet to partake in the freebies! Happy Birthday Jodi!! Enjoy!!

  2. I think Denny’s will give you a free meal. THere’s one nice seafood place here that will give you up to $10 towards a meal on your birthday, but that’s a long drive!

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