Best birthday ever

So I pretty much had the best birthday ever yesterday. I even got presents!!! My parents started giving money after the 18th birthday but I’ve begged my mom to keep buying my gifts because I’m a hoarder with money and if anyone gives me money I’ll put it in the bank and not spend it. So birthday money has never been a TON of fun for me. Although I’m getting better at spending the $20 I get from grandparents on books and pedicures and the like.
I got the awesome kitchenaid attatchment that is an ice cream maker, I got 8 books from my lovely husband and daughter, I got money, and I got a cork screw set and some wine. Plus I had dinner at Brann’s with a bunch of my friends and then had an old fashioned skating party at Tarry Hall in Grandville.
To sum it up, it was rockin.

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